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Audio Expo North America 2017 (Axpona 2017)

O Axpona Show realizado em Chicago/Illinois nos dias 21, 22 e 23 de abril reuniu os mais importantes e famosos fabricantes de equipamentos destinados ao audio High End de todo o mundo, foram 140 salas de audição aonde os participantes demonstravam seus produtos, a GamuT Audio mais uma vez (como já é costume) se sobressaiu na opinião da imprensa especializada, vejam o que eles falaram sobre a apresentação da GamuT Audio:


A Hi Fi + adorou o que ouviu na sala da GamuT dizendo que a apresentação foi estonteante e que foi simplesmente a melhor apresentação que a revista experimentou, que oportunidades como essa são raras e queridas e que a sala da GamuT foi a Top este ano, veja abaixo a foto do sistema e o texto original da Hi Fi +.

The GamuT Audio room as usual was staffed by GamuT Audio lead designer Benno Baun Meldgaard and US distributer Michael Vamos of Audio Sky’s from LA. There was nothing new in the room but it was the most significant listening experience I enjoyed at the show. Sporting the GamuT RS7i speakers ($39,999) and 250 Monoblocks ($25,500 pr) The D3i Dual Mono Pre-amp ($8,250) Benno hooked up an RS62 Revox Reel to Reel and a new Tape pre-amp card inside the D3i. He put on a tape of Pink Floyd’s The Wall after hours and a group of us sat in candle light for the entire album. The sound was astounding. Having heard the album countless times, it was by far the single best presentation of it I have ever experienced. Opportunities like this are rare and cherished. By virtue of this experience the GamuT room is my top room for this year’s Axpona. Well done GamuT Audio!

A Hi Fi + também visitou a sala da Aurender que demonstrava seus produtos digitais usando amplificação GamuT DI-150 e caixas GamuT RS-3i, abaixo a foto da sala da Aurender e o texto original da Hi Fi +:

Aurender was featuring their new A10 Music server/DAC ($5500) Powering the system was the GamuT Audio DI 150 LE Integrated amplifier with 180 wpc into 8 Ohms ($12,990). Speakers were the highly-regarded stand mount Gamut RS3i’s ($20,990). This is a simple and fantastic sounding system. The A10 has both a high performing DAC as well as a music server that is like their N100 server. It is a serving/streaming one stop shop that takes full advantage of their iPad app for music control. I went back a couple of times to listen in here!


A Part Time Audiophile comentou que a GamuT é quem estava impressionando com seu sistema, veja abaixo:

GamuT who was impressing with their RS71 loudspeakers being driven by M250i monoblocs and a Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas turntable with a reel to reel deck playing Acoustic Sounds tapes thrown in for good measure.


A The Absolute Sound também comentou positivamente a sala da GamuT colocando-a entre “as mais significantes salas reproduzindo analógico”, veja abaixo a foto e o texto original da T.A.S.

Gamut D3i Dual Mono Preamp R2R Board
Sitting next to a fully restored Studer B62 1/4” reel-to-reel tape deck was the Gamut D3i ($8490) with the newly introduced optional R2R board ($1990). This repro board is now a choice for the D3i’s optional card slot. If selected, the dealer is trained in how to calibrate the card for the tape deck the owner will be using. The tape deck must have the repro heads wired for external access, therefore bypassing all the internal reproduce electronics in the tape deck. The Studer B62 next to the Gamut D3i was configured to have its repro head wired out for the D3i’s R2R card. The D3i was connected to Gamut’s M250i mono amplifiers driving the RS7i loudspeakers. All speaker, interconnect, and power cabling was Gamut. In this system, I listened to four tracks from 
The Doctor is In! ¼" 15ips tape. Each track played with a level of clarity that has come to be expected from this excellent recording. In the Gamut setup, the performance sounded big and full with some emphasis in the lower registers sometimes excited by room anomalies. Overall, the sound was very good from this optional R2R board.