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Audio Expo North America 2016 (Axpona 2016)

O evento Audio Expo North America (Axpona) tem lugar em Chicago/ Illinois e neste ano aconteceu nos dias 15, 16 e 17 de Abril, o Axpona a cada ano que passa vem ganhando mais e mais importância no cenário do Audio High End com o consequente aumento de expositores, inicialmente pequeno o evento cresceu muito e neste último ano contou com a participação dos mais importantes fabricantes de Audio High End, a imprensa especializada (The Absolute Sound, Hi Fi +, etc.) também esteve presente cobrindo o evento. Vejam abaixo o que a Hi Fi + e a The Absolute Sound falaram sobre a sala da GamuT Audio:

Audio Expo North America - Chicago - Illinois

The best AXPONA yet!
By Mr Eric Neff – May 10, 2016

There are many companies that create the entire sonic chain in house. GamuT is one of my favorites. In spite of a room that had walls acting as huge bass loading devices Benno and Michael Vamos of Audio Skies, the US Distributor, were able to bring most of the room under heel and present a spectacular soundstage using their RS7 speakers ($39,000 USD) set up with their M250i monoblock amps ($26,000 USD per pair) the D3i Dual Mono Preamp ($8995 USD) and their CD3 Compact Disc player. Turntable was a Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas with their Cornet 2 tonearm. Big speakers are not fans of small rooms or lots of glass. However, in spite of these challenges this was a terrific sounding room. Once again GamuT brought the quality.

By Julie Mullins – Apr 22nd, 2016

Gamut M250i Monoblock Amplifiers
Elsewhere in Amp Land, I saw and heard noteworthy demos from a host of esteemed global manufacturers. Handcrafted in Denmark, the Gamut M250i monoblock amps ($12,990 each) were demo’d with the company’s RS7 speakers, a Pear Audio analog front-end, and a cool lobster chair designed for high-end listening. Also hailing from Denmark, maker of exquisite high-end.