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Frankfurt 2003
  Cobertura da SoundStage sobre o evento:

Soudstage Live

Standout Room - GamuT and Gradient

All prices are quoted in euros unless otherwise noted. 1 € is approximately 1.18 US dollars at time of report.

A combination of GamuT electronics and Gradient loudspeakers produced excellent sound -- a fact that GamuT's Ole Christensen was understandably proud of. With lifelike clarity and impressive dimensionality, the Finnish pairing gave all in attendance some of the best sound at High End 2003. The system consisted of GamuT's mammoth S-300 dual-mono amplifier (35,000 €), D-2 preamp (5000 €), CD-1S CD player (3700 €), and Gradient's Revolution loudspeakers (5000 € per pair).