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A GamuT deu um "show de lançamentos" na C.E.S. 2006!

CES 2006

C.E.S. Show 2006


Foram nada menos de 8 produtos novos, sendo 5 novos modelos de caixas acústicas: Caixas Acústicas Phi 3, Phi 5, Phi 7, Phi Center e L-Center, um novo Cdplayer: O CD-3, um novo amplificador integrado: O CI-100 além de um novo par de amplificadores monoblocos M-230 "Edição Limitada" derivados dos Monoblocos M-200. Poucas vezes o mercado audiófilo viu uma empresa de Hi-End lançar tantos produtos de uma só vez, isso sem contar que o recém lançado DI-150, além de todos os outros produtos já existentes, também estavam em demonstração na mansão GamuT.

Veja o que disse sobre esse verdadeiro espetáculo a Dagogo.

Frederik Johansen (Engº da GamuT)
Frederik Johansen (Engº da GamuT) ao lado de seu mais recente desenvolvimento, o maravilhoso amplificador integrado GamuT CI-100.

CES 2006

Great Dane - Posted Tue Jan 10, 2006, 11:32 AM — By Wes Phillips

"During CES, I kept hearing about GamuT's luxury digs offsite way out in the suburbs beyond McCarran International Airport. "It's incredible," Stephen Mejias assured me. "It has a pool, a pool table, beautiful kitchen, and a Danish chef who will make anything you want." That sounded nice, but Stereophile's busy show-blogging schedule prevented me from partaking of that particular pleasure dome. "No problem," Lars Goller assured me. "We keep the house until Tuesday. Come by on Monday after the show and we'll spend as much time as you want bringing you up to speed."
He didn't need to ask twice. Goller is a psychacoustician and former head of driver design at Vifa, ScanSpeak, and Skanning, and the designer of the symmetric drive (SD) and non-resonant chamber (NRC) drivers, among many, many others. The chance to get a data dump from the driver guru was irresistible.

The house was everything Stephen claimed it was, except for one tiny detail: the only place to set the speakers up in the 5000 square foot open plan living room was smack dab in front of the pool table. Goller rose to the challenge, however, and placed his L7 floorstanders ($14,900/pair) 15' apart and sat me on a high stool about 23' in front of them. Driven by an all GamuT system—CD3 CD player ($6000), D3 preamplifier ($6100), and M230 230W power amps ($11,500/pair)—the speakers create a cohesive soundstage in that vast room. They sounded intimate, putting Donovan between the speakers and awfully close to life size. On Strauss' "Banditen Galop," they filled the room with an orchestra and reproduced the whip-crack percussion with scary transient response. The system was fast, bold, and uncolored.

I've asked Goller for a longer interview for an upcoming eNewsletter—spending time with him was way too cool not to share. Ditto, the new GamuT products."


iSOTEKA Isotek também causou sensação na C.E.S. 2006. Seus produtos para condicionar a energia elétrica estão ganhando todos os prêmios no mercado europeu e, no mercado Norte-Americano, o Mini-sub da Isotek é vendido com o nome Thor pela Nordost e este produto ganhou o prêmio "Acessório do Ano" da The Absolute Sound (ed. 160 / 2006 ).


O Mini-sub ganhou na Europa 15 prêmios
em apenas 4 anos de existência!