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Le Festival Son et Image de Montréal 2006 Show Report
  The Home Entertainment and Electronics Show

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Le Festival Son et Image de Montréal 2006
Report By Phil Gold

GamuTNow a drum roll please! Best Sound of the Show is the Gamut room. Gamut's owner Lars Gollar stands proudly by the new CD-3 and DI-150 Integrated Amp driving Gamut L5 speakers. The sound here is immediate, rich, and spacious, while the woodwork on these speakers is to die for.
Yes Gamut has a range of speakers now, starting with the L3 2-way bookshelf, then the L5 is a 2.5-way floorstander, and the L7 3-way which stands over 50" tall and weighs 100 lbs. You can get these speakers in Bird's Eye Maple or Rosewood veneer with 11 layers of hand polished high gloss-lacquer.

Gamut will also be happy to sell you a matching centre channel speaker. The L5 shown here has a frequency range of 32Hz to 60kHz, features two rear mounted ports, hi quality biwire binding posts and massive spiked feet. The tweeter is a 1.5" ring radiator with a machined aluminum faceplate and stainless steel phase plug. There are two mid / bass drivers, each 7" in diameter with the familiar sliced paper cones, while the crossover is a 4th order design. These speakers are reasonably efficient at 89dB/W/m, but the impedance is a nominal 4 ohms and dips as low as 2.8 ohms at 200Hz so, be careful how you drive them. Most interesting for me is the Gamut CD-3 player, since I have spent a considerable time with the earlier fine-sounding but rather fragile CD-1. This new CD player is quite a different animal and is built like a battleship. It uses a Burr Brown GamuTPCM 1792 24-bit DAC with 192kHz upsampling and features a non-magnetic stainless steel inner chassis, which holds the rubber-suspended mechanism and the digital output board.

This inner chassis divides the interior space into three separate compartments and isolates the power supply from the D/A conversion and amplification. If you like the cosmetics of the CD-3, and the new integrated amp, the DI-150, you're going to love the new separate amplifiers Gamut will be introducing over the next year or two. Few companies excel in the performance of source, amplification and speakers. Fewer still offer such good-looking components while achieving such excellence. Well done, Gamut.