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Feature Exhibitors:
  GamuT Audio, Genesis Advanced Technologies.


GamuT    GamuT

GamuT Audio L5 loudspeaker speaker. MSRP = $12,000/pair

GamuT Audio owner and president Lars Goller enjoyed at least relating one other
thing more than his thoughts on all things GamuT, and that is his ideas on
psychoacoustics. We spent two hours at the GamuT Audio House talking about his
understanding of the principles involved – him talking, me asking questions and
being talked to more, hence two hours. Lars is currently preparing the publication of
his paper on the subject, titled The GamuT Interpretation of Psychoacoustics.

If that is not enough, David Stephens, the U.S. Distributor of GamuT Audio, gave me
a surprisingly spontaneous overview of GamuT’s new direction on our way to the
House. These guys have so much on their minds that not only conjured up the
image of Keanu Reeve in Johnny Mnemonic, they also projected a refreshing
enthusiasm that will do our hobby plenty of good.

The GAH was a venue too expansive in space and general in purpose for recreating
the level of sound quality we yearn for; but among several living spaces, the largest
living room at the far corner of the house was adorned with the $14,900 pair of the L7
speakers in high-gloss red-wood finish. Also available is the high-gloss maple wood
finish, and Dagogo’s readers will see it up close in the upcoming Dagogo review of
the $12k L5.

The other floor-standing speaker you see in front of the L5 is of the PHI series that
GamuT is producing for home theater enthusiasts. Once GamuT releases its Press
Release on these speakers, Dagogo will share it with its readers.

Coming Soon: PHI series loudspeaker


Dagogo reviewed the GamuT D200MkII power amplifier that utilizes the revolutionary
single MOSFET technology, and found its musical presentation most exhilarating.
For $6,500 at that time, the D200MkII is a wonderful value. Now, per David, GamuT
will be reintroducing its products in stunning aesthetics to boost, a measure taken in
response to cries of demand from audiophiles and prospective customers alike.
Good for you, GamuT! The reintroduced D200MkII carries an MSRP of $8,000.

DI150 integrated amplifier ($9,800)

DI150 uncovered

Even more exciting is the introduction of the GamuT DI150 integrated amplifier,
which GamuT claims is the one-box version of the D3 and D200MkII. Sporting
180Wpc/8Ω and 360Wpc/4Ω, this stunning-looking 60-pounder is irresistible from
any angle, and with the same single MOSFET technology at its core, the DI150 could
be the solution for the demanding audiophiles with system-streamlining and
comfortable living in mind. Watch out for a Dagogo review soon.

SI100, a smaller version of the DI150, as pictured below, is due in summer.

Top: CD3 ($6,000), bottom: SI100 (MSRP TBD)


My attention to Lars’ iteration of his ideas were interrupted once, when his chef
presented us with the most pungent of sandwiches. It was made to order in
meticulous steps in front of our eyes, then baked to sultry texture in the professional-
grade, large in-wall oven. No sooner than I sank my teeth into the sandwich’s layers
did I realize it was the juiciest sandwich in a long time. Even the simplest of culinary
endeavor can draw profound admiration in the hands of a master. Kudos to the
chef, and kudos to GamuT for offering its visitors such fine tastes of living at the

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