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CES Show 2010 - Las Vegas

Confira os comentários das mais renomadas publicações sobre as marcas representadas pela Audio Shop:


Rocky Mountain Audio Festival

Positive Feedback
"KT Audio Imports and GamuT so wonderfully beautiful...and the room sounded quite wonderful as well."
The Absolute Sound
Jonathan Valin da T.A.S., cobrindo o evento, reclamou que todos os sistemas, mesmo os incrivelmente caros, tinham uma "certa escuridão" (darkness) no som. Vejam o que ele comentou da sala da GamuT:
"GamuT showed exceptionally well again at CES, this time with its $45k S-7—a three-way floorstander with ScanSpeak drivers and stacked birch-ply cabinet. Listening to Joan Baez’s “Gospel Ship” I was reminded of just how neutral and natural (no darkness here) these GamuT numbers can sound. If anything the S-7s were a little warmer and more gemütlich than the bigger GamuTs I heard last year, demonstrating lifelike excellence on voice and guitar. The S-7s were equally natural on the Lutoslawski Concerto for Orchestra. Though the S-7’s bass did not go as deep as the bigger GamuTs, it was very very good--taut and clear with excellent transient response."


Outra empresa que também fez muito sucesso no CES Show de Las Vegas foi a veterana Magnepan lançando as novas caixas planares 1.7. Veja abaixo os comentários entusiasmados:

Jonathan Valin (The Absolute Sound) sobre as Magnepan 1.7:

"...the Maggie MG 1.7--the successor to the speaker I have long considered to be the best buy in high-end audio, the Maggie MG 1.6--was the product I most looked forward to hearing at this year's CES. Unlike some folks, Maggie doesn't come out with a new improved model every year. In fact, it doesn't come out with new improved models every decade. Thus, the 1.7--Maggie's first "all-ribbon" (well, actually, all-quasi-ribbon) floorstander with quasi-ribbon bass, quasi-ribbon mid/tweet, quasi-ribbon super-tweeter, improved crossover (with higher-quality parts), and all-aluminum frame--was big news, especially considering that it costs a mere $100 more than the speaker it was replacing.
I am delighted but not a bit surprised to report that it is an unqualified success, both as a two-channel speaker and as a surround-sound speaker. (Maggie demo'd it as both with equal success.)Everything about the 1.7 is an improvement over the 1.6--and the 1.6 was anything but chopped liver. Here we have a speaker whose staging, focus, and low-level resolution are not just much better than that of its excellent predecessor but downright superb by any standard short of a CLX or an M5, with detailing in bass choirs that was so good it reminded me of the Maggie 1-Us (which had the most lifelike detail in the mid-to-upper bass I've ever heard). The 1.7s also have astonishing power in the low end, which seems to extend down to somewhere around 35-40Hz. When's the last time you heard a sub-$2k speaker reproduce not just the pitch and timbre but the genuine growl of an electric bass? And the genuine size of an electric bass? This one does!"
"...This new Maggie has absolutely lovely treble (fully integrated with its mids and bass, BTW) and its high end did seem, as Maggie claimed, to have better dispersion than that of the 1.6s. ... I can tell you this with certainty: The 1.7 was wonderfully realistic on "Rainy Night in Georgia," reproducing Captain Luke's rumbly-grumbly voice with just the right about of bass and just the right about of baritone and genuinely lifelike presence.
In my opinion the 1.7 was clearly the most important introduction at this year's show, simply because it offers truly lifelike sound at a price that most of us can afford. No, it doesn't go as low as the bigger boys. No, it is not a Q5. But, brother, does it play well where it plays. So well, in fact, that It will be a strong contender for my Best of Show Award."
Sound Stage também foi enfática descrevendo as qualidades da nova Magnepan 1.7:
"...One of the more anticipated product introductions from this year’s CES was actually held at T.H.E. Show. Magnepan introduced the replacement for the long-praised MG1.6 with its new MG1.7. While it looks very similar, there are some significant changes that make the MG1.7 an even greater value.
Magnepan has moved away from the use of planar magnetic drivers for the midrange and bass in the new MG1.7 by using quasi-ribbons that extend down further into the lower midrange and upper bass for better overall sound. They've also added a quasi-ribbon super tweeter for additional sparkle on top. These design changes aid in creating a wider sweet spot and bring the 1.7 closer to the sound of Magnepan's true ribbon designs. Then, for an additional departure from the MG1.6, the new MG1.7 uses wrap-around aluminum trim on the sides."
"...It didn’t take long to hear the changes. Wendell Diller, Magnepan's marketing manager, played a selection of classical and jazz titles that showed off the increased resolution and deeper, tighter bass along with the extra top-end extension. And they still offer all the midrange magic of the MG1.6 speakers. Needless to say, John Crossett was highly impressed, especially as a former MG1.6 owner. Right after he listened to the M1.7s he said, "Makes me want to return to the planar fold right now!..."