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Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

A Positive Feedback falou muito bem dos dois sistemas GamuT que ouviu no Los Angeles Audio Show, um montado pela própria GamuT e o outro montado pela Aurender para demonstrar seu sistema digital.


Aqui as fotos e o que a P.F. falou sobre o sistema GamuTAudio:

Our hospitality suite featured GamuT RS-3 Monitor Loudspeakers and Di150 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, along with their reference cables and interconnects. The Playback Designs Merlot Quad DSD DAC was also included. The rack was a Stillpoints ESS Rack with Ultra VI Isolation Feet. Rounding out the system was a Kubala-Sosna XPander Power Distribution Unit and grounding units from Telos and Entreq.

The DSD music was sounding great all weekend. Much thanks to Michael Vamos and Gamut for setting the system up!

Aqui a P.F. falou o que ouviu da sala que a Aurender montou usando eletrônica e caixas da GamuT Audio:

In the Aurender room. GamuT RS5i loudspeakers, D200i stereo power amplifier, and GamuT cables. The rack was by Grand Prix Audio, the Monaco Modular 3 shelf. Aurender's A10 server, streamer, preamplifier, and MQA DAC rounded out the system.

Beautiful GamuT loudspeakers. Stellar sound here.

A The Absolute Sound também cobriu o Los Angeles Audio Show, Neil Gader simplesmente adorou as caixas GamuT RS-3 e considerou-as “ matadoras de gigantes !”

Neil Gader da T.A.S. fazendo a cobertura das caixas acústicas presentes no L.A. Audio Show falou sobre as caixas acústicas GamuT Audio RS-3:

Down the hall I got another listen to the superb Gamut RS3 two-way compact being fed with Pear Audio ’table and all Gamut electronics and cabling. As I listened to Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street,” I arrived at a new appreciation for this speaker. I’ve been impressed by the RS3 in the past, but this was the best “show” example of its wide-ranging capability. A real giant killer of a compact.

Robert Harley também escreveu sobre o Los Angeles Audio Show, considerando o melhor som sem limite de preço o montado pela Vandersteen Audio.

Best Sound (cost no object)

There were so many great-sounding rooms that picking a single one is impossible. So here are my top best-sounding exhibits.

Optimal Enchantment room with Vandersteen Model 9 speakers, Vandersteen M7-HPA power amplifiers, Audio Research phonostage and preamp, Basis Transcendence turntable with Lyra Atlas cartridge, AudioQuest cabling, and HRS racks. The system had a totally natural ease that transcended hi-fi.

E considerou o melhor som a preço acessível o montado com Magnepan 0.7:

Best of Show (for the money)

Stacked Magnepan 0.7s with a 1.7 acting as a center channel.

A Inglesa Hi Fi + também visitou uma outra sala da Magnepan que estava fazendo uma demonstração cega.

Magnepan wasn’t doing much in the way of ‘normal’ demonstrations. The purpose of these sessions was to play with what we consider possible from a panel loudspeaker (or indeed any loudspeaker). Which meant you spent a few minutes sitting and listening to a curtain. Behind the curtain were a pair of stacked MMG loudspeakers (sitting in an utilitarian frame of angle iron, which you can just see poking out above the curtain) and a centre-fill loudspeaker. An interesting experiment.